LNG Tank Product Offerings



The Green Buffalo Fuel Atlas Tank is the pinnacle of cryogenic vehicular fuel tank engineering. Designed with specifications of SAE J2343, ASME, DOT4L and NFPA 52, in mind, the Atlas Tank is available in both 120 gallon and 135 gallon options.


LNG Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Green Buffalo Fuel is uniquely positioned to offer its services to customers in need.

Compliance is our specialty, from fueling station technology to vehicular LNG applications, GBF can help. GBF has experience with ASME, SAE J2343, CRN, DOT4L, NFPA 52 and 59A, Texas Railroad Commission, and many more. 

Vehicular LNG applications can range from city buses to heavy machinery. GBF specializes in over the road (OTR) Class 8 trucking, and can provide a variety of solutions to fit your specific need. Our aim is to provide a 'diesel-like' experience so that both drivers and fleet operators feel comfortable with the transition to a clean burning, reliable, and affordable fuel. 

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